G13 Haze


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The sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain G13 Haze produces buds that emit a sandalwood-like and fruity aroma with a taste that’s quite similar. Its buds are shaped like arrows and covered with amber pistils amid a sea of deep green.

THC levels of G13 Haze average anywhere between 19-23% so be sure to check potency beforeconsuming/purchasing. Its high will set the consumer in a blissful, euphoric mood and boost energyalmost immediately. Motivation for creative activity is enhanced while simultaneously the body feels atease of all aches and pains. Many have used this strain to help with stress, fatigue, and pain.

The most common ill side-effects are your typical dry mouth and eyes. Those with lower tolerances may find  themselves dizzy, with headache, or feeling small bouts of paranoia.

It takes between 9-10 weeks for G13 Haze to fully flower.


14grams, 1OZ, Half pound, Pound, Quater pound


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