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THC: 22 – 24%
CBD: 0.47 – 1.5%
CBC: 0.21 – 1.23%
CBG: 0.47 – 1.43%
CBN: 0.1 – 0.29%
THCV: 0.26 – 1.64%

Grenadine Strain

Grenadine Strain is an Indica-dominant Strain from Karma Genetics. The THC levels is 23% while the CBD levels have been measured to be 0.9%.

It has a sour and nutty taste with terpenes of pinene and ocimene. This kush leaves you feeling giggly and creative. It makes you feel happy hence good for uplifting your mood. Medical conditions that can be treated by using this strain include insomnia, stress, depression and migraines. buy grenadine strain online

Grenadine Strain is best used in the evening due to the sleeping effect it has. This strain may cause you to feel tingly and have dry eyes. Overdosing may cause couchlock effects to the users. order grenadine strain online

Aroma And Taste

Some sources report that there are terpenes more likely to dominate in the Grenadine’s profile such as Bisabolol, Valencene, Sabinene, and Geraniol. Thus, we can judge about flavor profile that definitely will offer a delicious sweet bouquet. The aroma of Grenadine weed strain fills the room with herbal and nutty berry scent with sharp cherry notes right away. Consumers enjoy its flowery and citrus taste while some reported that taste of this marijuana is similar to a Grenadine cocktail rich in juicy pomegranates blended with ripe cherries. Users commonly admit taste similarity to cherry tart. price of grenadine strain

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Medical Benefits Of Grenadine Strain

Medically, since the strain has a relax effect, most users have turn to take advantage of this to help reduce stress and anxiety. Insomniacs take 1-3 hits approximately an hour before bedtime to induce relaxation. They report an increase in the number of restful nights following this routine. Hence, Buy Grenadine cookies strain UK,Grenadine strain for sale Europe,Grenadine cookies for sell Australia,buy cookies strain online,Grenadine cookies Europe.

Effects Of Grenadine Strain

Recreational users who appreciate soothing and calming effects would be thrilled by Grenadine strain. The high provided by this cannabis is as enjoyable as the aroma and taste. The head-high users get from this marijuana strain is accompanied by an intensive sense of uplifted state and happiness. The body effect comes next as the high settled in and delivers gentle waves of tingles that bring calmness and relaxation to every muscle. It helps to melt away negative thoughts and tension filling smokers with a sense of wellbeing and ease.

The aforementioned effects are useful to alleviate symptoms associated with mood disorders and physical ailments. The soothing effect can be useful to fight depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as the uplifting effect, can treat chronic fatigue. Many medical cannabis consumers choose the Grenadine marijuana strain for its ability to work against chronic pain, cramps, and appetite loss.


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